Coaching using the REFLECT Process


R     re-envision your life’s purpose.


E     embrace your uniqueness.


F     frame a profile of your knowledge & experience.


L     listen to your intuition and logic in imagining


        the future.


E     explore realistic options for action.


C     commit to action and create a support system.


T     translate commitment into action. Evaluate.


Q.   What does the coaching process look like?

A.    Coaching is a relationship built through meeting by phone or in person for a 45 minute session.


Q.    What are the qualities characterize a client/coach relationship?

A.     A client/coach relationship is primarily based on trust.  A coach listens sensitively; asks powerful questions; challenges & encourages & acts as a resource.  Very importantly, a coach  supports & sustains a client through the change process.


Q.    What is the fee for a coaching session?

A.     To make coaching affordable, there is a sliding scale based on a client’s needs.


Q.      How long is a coaching commitment?

A.      Each coaching relationship is unique.  Depending on a client’s goals, the time necessary varies.  Since you design your goals,  you evaluate when you have reached them.


Q.  How do you begin the coaching process?

A.    Call me at 631.406.6658 and we will arrange a 20 minute complimentary session in which you can decide if there is a “fit” between us.