During these past few months, I have had the opportunity to experience new insights into myself. Through reflecting,  I have learned valuable lessons: to believe in myself; to discover my special gifts; and to begin to use them.  These lessons have given me new confidence in finding a new job.  I have had “aha moments” when I came to see new insights and why I acted in certain ways.  I’ve come to know myself better so that I have become more confident.  The more secure and confident I became, the more I became in touch with my feelings. Completing the “Life Vision” exercise gave me great insights into my gifts that I am using in my present ministry.  The most important lesson that I have learned through reflecting is to take time for myself and make wise choices in life.  I am deeply grateful to Kathleen for her honesty and her compassionate presence in this process.


I’ve known Kathleen over the past year and have come to value our conversations.  As I journey through life’s challenges, she has helped adjust my focus in several areas, especially related to career decisions.  She has gently challenged me to reframe situations I’d viewed negatively.  I appreciate her ability to provide skillful support and encouragement.  I endorse her abilities as a trustworthy, reliable confidant.



In the last couple of years, I have experienced health changes that have significantly affected my life.  While I continue to make adjustments to my lifestyle, it has been very difficult.  Having the opportunity to share my hopes and fears with Kathleen has been an enriching experience.  At the times when I need encouragement, Kathleen is there to support me.  Since she always listens empathetically, I have developed a real sense of trust in her insights.  Our conversations are comfortable, yet challenging; positive, but not wishful thinking. As I continue to adjust to new circumstances in my life, I appreciate having my conversations with Kathleen, knowing that she supports me in realizing my potential.